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The Terrace Tapas & Wine Bar


Team Tapas x




The Terrace Tapas & Wine Bar serves freshly cooked Spanish tapas.

Come and enjoy the warmth of our service and unhurried, relaxed style of dining. We do have a minimum age requirement of 6 years, however children aged 6-14 are very welcome if seated BEFORE 6.30pm. 

All our food is freshly prepared using ingredients sourced and imported from all over Spain, including our fabulous Iberico Bellota meats and award winning cheeses, to create the most authentic tapas experience we possibly can, outside of Spain.

To avoid disappointment, we would ask, if you're vegan or vegetarian, that you check the menus before booking to ensure you can see something that suits your requirements.


Great food with friends in a truly continental atmosphere, a glass of Rioja and good conversation. An evening to remember.


We look forward to welcoming you,

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